J&K, Jharkhand Election Dates Being Announced

The Election Commission today announced the schedule for assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir and Jharkhand.


While the term of the 87-member Jammu and Kashmir assembly ends on January 19, the term of 81-member Jharkhand assembly expires on January 3.

Here are the highlights: 
  • Electronic Voting Machines will be used for both the elections.
  • In Jharkhand, the total number of seats are 81. 9 are reserved for Scheduled Caste candidates, 28 for Scheduled Tribe candidates. 99.06 per cent voters have voter identity cards. There are 24, 648 polling stations.
  • In Jammu and Kashmir, There are 87 seats; 7 are reserved for Scehduled Castes. There are 10,015 polling stations.
  • Candidates to fill all columns as per Supreme Court order, failure to do so (will make) that nomination liable to rejection.
  • Both states are sensitive from law and order and security point of view.
  • We have identified the security requirements after discussing the issue with authorities concerned.
  • Static surveillance teams, flying squad, involvement of Excise and Income Tax department to check cash and liquor in elections.
  • Model code of conduct comes into effect immediately.
  • Phase 1 of elections for both states is November 25.
  • Phase 2 of elections for both states in December 2.
  • Phase 3 of elections for both states is December 9.
  • Phase 4 of elections for both states is December 14
  • Phase 5 of elections for both states is December 20.
  • Counting for both states is on December 23.

Source By NDTV